Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation offers couples an alternative to traditional adversarial court-based divorce, which involves unnecessary stress, conflict, delays and expense. The mediation process provides an avenue for both spouses to speak with a neutral attorney resolve any disputed issues and move toward a final settlement agreement.


Our role as attorney mediators

As attorney mediators, we will carefully explain your options, and encourage a peaceful, practical solution. Even couples that are sharply divided can find common ground through to successfully negotiate and settle their divorce out of court, allowing them to move on with their lives as soon as possible.

Many people appreciate the control that mediation gives them over decision-making during the divorce. Matters are decided by the two people involved in the divorce, not by the court, and not by the mediator. You and your spouse make the decisions, the mediator is there to support you and assist with communication techniques when breakdowns occur.

Mediation offers privacy and confidentiality

The divorce mediation process also offers greater privacy and confidentiality than a litigated divorce. You never need to appear in court, and your mediation is handled privately via Zoom or in person.

The mediation process typically involves a single mediator attorney working with both spouses. However, depending on your preferences and specific situation, you may choose to have individual legal representation during mediation sessions, as well as a mediator. We can also provide a team of experts such as forensic accountants, pension specialists and others who provided these same services in litigated divorces.


* The difference is, in mediation, these professionals act as neutral participants who do not represent either party. This team-based mediation approach can result in tens of thousands of dollars in savings, even in extremely complex cases.


Mediated Divorce Vs. Divorce Trial

The cost difference between a mediated divorce and a divorce trial in the California courts is significant.

  • Superior Court statistics show trial-based divorces can cost couples as much as ten times more than mediation or other non-adversarial methods.
  • Studies also show that mediated divorces have a more positive impact on families and children involved in the divorce and custody process than litigated divorces.

There is also the benefit of creativity and flexibility when it comes to reaching agreements and settlement. Outside of the confines of the court system and the automatic dictates that determine what a retained attorney can and cannot do, divorce mediation offers wide latitude in finding solutions that fit your specific needs, while still meeting all the necessary legal requirements.

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